Powering the B2B wholesale and distribution revolution with state-of-the-art technology

Kommerce Hub is the platform powering the future of businesses on how they scale. Our no-code, plug and play platform levels the playing field and enables leading businesses to deliver the best experience and gain a competitive advantage.

Key Features

KommerceHub covers your work from every angle

Take online orders from your customers through your eCommerce website and your B2B marketplace

Khub gives you an option to choose from 15 estores and 10 mobile app marketplaces for your business. Your customers can track, order and maintain from the comfort of their home with a seamless experience. Reordering has never been this easy.

Fulfil from your phone - Fulfilment App for your warehouse pickers

An app that can be installed on Android & iOS that fulfills orders and updates inventory levels on the spot. You can fulfill sale orders and also receive purchase orders through the app all through a single platform.

Reorder ahead of time

Reorder points that help you define your minimums and stock alert notifications give you the breathing room to order more. You are never out of stock, KHub allows you to be always one step ahead./p>

Track Inventory and orders

A real-time picture of what’s in stock and where each product is, even across multiple offices or warehouses. You can have stock in as many locations as you want from one dashboard.

Group Products - Create a group product from multiple single products

Create group products for your business and fulfil them easily for your business. Group products sold will deduct single products from the inventory which are used to make them up.

Future proof POS system - Work offline with ease

Our POS system has the ability to operate from any browser and functions without the internet as well. Scan products in microseconds and place orders against customers quickly. Choose from a multitude of additional attributes, select your locations and split payments into multiple payment options.

Have Perfect Control

Kommerce Hub

Keeping in line with the above, K-Hub conceptualises powering the B2B experience revolution beyond the conventional way of buying and selling.

K-Hub features an end-to-end solution which comprises a backend response for inventory, sale, catalog, and reporting management along with an ecommerce store and a mobile app on android and iOS.

The idea is simple: We offer software as a service for building and hosting your applications. We handle the programs, the process, and the plumbing to level the playing field, demystify selling, and unlock a competitive advantage.

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What Makes Us Different?

Custom built, future-ready stack

We've re-imagined B2BTech from scratch so you can go live in 4-6 weeks, for less than the cost of 1 engineer, VS (Vital Statistics) 18 months (about 1 and a half years) and $1M USD.

We provide embedded technology to become and reach greater heights for you to do D2C, B2B, & B2C. KommerceHub is levelling the playing field. With our offering you get:

  • A World Class Mobile Application on iOS & Android for your customers enabled by an advanced tracking system.
  • An eCommerce Website for your Customers.
  • POS for Walk in Customers -Sell from as many locations as you want however you want.
  • Launch within weeks with our plug & play solution.

We are proud of our works

We bring solutions to make life easier for our customers.


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Features We Provide

KHub stores your inventory and orders in one place, giving you insight into which SKUs are coming in and how much is going out. This information empowers you to order the right quantities to the right location, ahead of time. When your inventory is available across all of your computers, laptops and tablets, you can make confident business decisions from anywhere.

  • Import 10,000 + products in under 10 seconds
  • Multiple Locations Stock transfers through multiple locations.
  • Pricing schemes, multiple currencies, bulk price changes.
  • SKUs, UPCs, BIN, MLC and scan these numbers in microseconds.

Our Vision

Become the one stop shop for all businesses and provide them a 360 service for their operations through our platform.


Our Mission

Help every business gain a competitive advantage at the speed of light.


Our Values

Integrity, Hard Work, Diversity, Honesty, Bias for Action

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